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Kurdish language

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Kurdish is a continuum of Northwestern Iranian languages spoken by the Kurds in Western Asia. Kurdish forms three dialect groups known as Northern Kurdish. Kurdish is a member of the Western Iranian branch of Indo-European languages. Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji) is spoken in Turkey, Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran by about million people. Central Kurdish (Soranî) is spoken in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Province. Kurdish language, a West Iranian language, one of the Indo-Iranian languages, chiefly spoken in Kurdistan. It ranks as the third largest Iranian language, after.

Kurdish is the language of more than twenty million Kurds living in a vast unbroken territory. Kurdish belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and to. Kurdistan is full of rich and diverse languages. Learn about the history and variations of Kurdish language, and how to learn Kurdish and speak Kurdish. from Old and Middle Iranian times, no predecessors of the Kurdish language are yet known.

Kurdish, the most widely spoken language in the Kurdistan Region, is in the Indo- European family of languages. The Kurdistan Region's official languages for. Kurdish English Dictionary Online Translation, Language, Grammar. What does “I don't speak Kurdish” mean? Learn to count to ten in Kurdish. Learn Kurdish». Kurdish language course: 25 % discount. Original price: US$39,


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